New words in Waffle Café

Meeting at idyllic small waffle café went pretty well. Waffles were delicious and lucky there was enough space for us to teach each other even though the feel was quite dense every now and then.

We went through what we had learned so far. Introducing, phrases, colors, food… I wanted get to know clothes accessories and body parts. But because I did not mastered every food word we had went through on previous meetings (even though many of them are quite similar with English) i decided to leave the new words there and try to study harder all those words for the next meeting.

Rena came along very well with Finnish I think. It is hard to find the right words when teaching because there is not always a perfect match between Finnish and English words (like what they mean). I feel that I have lack of some basic English verbs so my explanations might come somewhere far. But I am moving forward…


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