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Quick meeting at TAMK

So Claudia, Heta and I had our second meeting 15.2. In difference to the last one (that accidentally took 3 hours) we only had 1 hour to spend with each other.

Claudia had prepared us useful sentences when ordering something at a cafe or restaurant as well as airport themed words and sentences. After going through how to pronounce these quickly we went back to telling Claudia about finnish holidays. In the end we had gone through them all as well as agreed on the next meeting!

After the last meeting I haven´t had enough time apart from school to study german language as much as I would have liked, but I´m planning on studying independently more during winter holidays (Hiihtoloma).

Till next time!

9th meeting Fin/Jap

Me and Toni had a meeting at library on 20 Feb..

Firstly we checked our essay. There were only two minor mistakes in what Toni wrote in Japanese, while mine was full of errors.

But this worked really well I think, it makes me feel I am actually learning. A lot of questions came up in my mind while I was writing it, and I noted all of them to ask Toni. It was constructive way to learn.

Then we had Q&A time for each other.
Toni told me the meaning of some words I came across in my Finnish class and  didn’t understand. Also there and here in Finnish, because I’m still confused when about when to use täällä and when to use tässä.

Next meeting will be our last one.
We’ll meet at somewhere else than library as finale.


Second meeting (Cafe Brander)

Well, this time the meeting, as I had hoped, was in a quieter place. Brander is located in a shopping mall, too, but it is quite cozy, and we were lucky to have one of the tables in the corner, with armchairs instead of chairs. There were some other customers, too, which made me even more nervous, because this time we had agreed to speak mainly Swedish.

We started, however, with Finnish and talked about coffee, and so I learned that espresso is actually prepared very differently from ordinary (for lack of a better term) coffee. I love coffe, but I didn’t know that. It isn’t about languages or cultures, but still a good thing to learn 🙂

Then came the dreaded Swedish part – but, to my surprise, it went ok, and not only in comparison with the previous meeting when I only managed a couple of sentences and then gave up. Wasn’t perfect, though: I even forgot some words I generally know well. But it is a usual thing when a language is not practiced enough – these days barely at all, actually. But that is why I am taking the course – to practice and become more fluent.

Ida later remarked that it is very weird for her to speak slower than usual and to watch out she does not use dialect forms or words. Something familiar to me, too, when I teach language to beginners.

We also talked about Swedish in different parts of Sweden and on the Åland Islands. I was surprised to learn that the language there is more like the language in Sweden (Stockholm especially) than in Finland. Makes sense, though, I guess.

So, looking forward to next time 🙂

Winter sports, 3rd meeting Polish/Finnish

Last Saturday (18.02) we had our third meeting. We went to … slide! Yes, yes, yes!

At the beginning, I thought it’s not going to be for me but after I slide once, I loved it so much. You can feel like a child again! We went by foot to Kauppi area with the family of Elisa, her husband and two small children. It was so nice to see the whole family together having fun in the snow. Even father was sliding downhill! After all, we had a break and grabbed a cup of warm chocolate!

Winter sports are so popular in Finland, especially when snow lasts so long here. Not like in Poland, snowy winter season it’s not even a month there, and every year is getting shorter because of the global warming. Here in Tampere, the area of Kauppi is well prepared for cross country skiing and the lake nearby for an ice-skating. The best thing is that you can do it for free there! It’s amazing. The only thing you need to have is your equipment. It’s really safe to ice-skate on the lakes of Finland, there is even snow removal path around the lake. It was so weird for me because I didn’t use to make any activities in the winter on the lakes. It’s so dangerous in my country because usually, ice is thin, not like here.

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Sightseeing meeting Polish/Finnish

On Saturday 11th February our group met to sightseeing Tampere town. We visited Tampere Cathedral, which was made by stones, really impressive. There was a singing rehearsal inside and it was so nice to hear music like this. Compare to Poland, we don’t have churches made this way, ours are wooden or made of brick. We also visited The Finnish Labour Museum Werstas where is free entrance every day. Our Finnish teacher, Elisa told us everything that she knew about the history of Tampere, local war and workers, so we had our own guide there. Until these days is a really industrial city, as it was in the past. In the area called Pyynikki long time ago, there were houses for workers. We haven’t been there yet, but it’s in our future plans. We also have some industrial companies in our city in Poland, but not as much as here in one place! The industry here kept a focus on textiles and paper as well as in our country. For me, all of this factories are so impressive, especially in the city center where are huge clouds of smoke in the sky.

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[Finnish/German] 3rd meeting: Tales from Moominvalley

Yesterday, we had our third Each One Teach One meeting. At first, we had a quick student lunch at Siperia, in the old Finlayson Factory.

Afterwards, we went to Proakatemia where Reetta gave me a tour of the working space and introduced me to some of her team members. Then, we went on to finding a quiet space to read ‘Geschichten aus dem Mumintal’ (English: Tales from Moominvalley). Tales from Moominvalley is the sixth book in the Moomin series by Finnish author, Tove Jansson. As Reetta aims to improve her German skills, we started to work on her pronunciation with the help of the German translation of the book.

She would read a paragraph out loud, ask for unknown words and summarize the content in English to see whether she understood what she just read. I was positively surprised by her advanced language level. In our previous meetings, Reetta kept emphasizing that her German is nowhere near perfect; yet she was able to understand yesterday’s story (including stylistics means such as metaphors) without major difficulties . Maybe we will keep reading parts from the book during future meetings as it was a good tool to practice the pronunciation and vocabulary.

I will be in Germany during the upcoming winter break to celebrate carnival, meaning that our next meeting will take place in March.

Our first meeting at Oma Cafe – Italian and German girls´ diary pt.1

Hello! I am Melissa and I am an Erasmus nursing student from the city of Padua (Italy).

I will spend here in Tampere just three months so i decided to enroll in this course in order to learn as much things as possible and also to meet new friends and spend good time with them. I decided to start to learn German because in my country I have already studied Spanish and French and I am really interesting in learning also this difficult language. For this reason, my Italian friend Marta and I, met the German girl Anna the 2nd of February at Oma Cafe. During this first meeting we talked about our own culture, country, field of study and also about ourselves in order to know better each other and to start to decided how to plan our “Each one teach one programme”. We went to Oma Cafe because is a very familiar location where you can taste very good cakes and drink a good Expresso (the first thing that we taught to Anna is the “Italian coffee break with Expresso”).

From this first meeting I learned that not all German people are serious and strict like they seem (maybe cause of their strong accent and pronunciation), because Anna is a very nice girl with a sweet voice also if she is speaking German. I also understand that German language is very difficult because is full of diphthong, consonant and strange sound, but it will never be more difficult than Finnish language, so I am very hopeful to learn the basics of German during this meetings.

It was a very nice evening and I am sure that the next meetings will be very interesting and full of fun!

See you next time, Auf Wiedersehen!









Moomins in Proakatemia

Yesterday our meeting started off with lunch in Siperia. We hadn’t seen each other in a while, since Michelle was travelling in Lapland the past week, so we had some catching up to do. The main plan for the meeting was to read a German Moomin book in Proakatemia so that’s where we headed next.

Proakatemia is situated in the old Finlayson factory area and it’s more of an office than uni. We have the complete 5th floor with a view over Tammerkoski and Tampere. It’s such an inspiring place to work and the scenery is one of my absolute favourites in Tampere. After giving Michelle a tour of the office and introducing her to some of my team members we settled ourselves in a nice quiet corner.16833501_10211935948536792_1915209152_oIn this cozy atmosphere I started reading out loud a book called “Geschichten aus dem Mumintal”. After I had finished reading a sentence, I translated it with the help of Michelle. Some sentences were pretty difficult since the language used in the book is a bit old-fashioned and some words are not used anymore. But understanding the context was more important than knowing each word anyway. I scribbled notes and words to my book, here’s a list of them:

etw schaffen = to finish sth
beinahe = almost
geschehen = to happen
wagen = to dare
an/fassen = to touch (intentionally)
berühren= to touch (accidentally)
sehnen sich nach etw = to reminisce
so gut wie (fertig) = almost ready

Our next meeting will take place after winter holiday when Michelle has come back from celebrating the carnival in Germany. Perhaps we will continue with reading the Moomin book as I want to know how the story continues. Bis bald!


New words in Waffle Café

Meeting at idyllic small waffle café went pretty well. Waffles were delicious and lucky there was enough space for us to teach each other even though the feel was quite dense every now and then.

We went through what we had learned so far. Introducing, phrases, colors, food… I wanted get to know clothes accessories and body parts. But because I did not mastered every food word we had went through on previous meetings (even though many of them are quite similar with English) i decided to leave the new words there and try to study harder all those words for the next meeting.

Rena came along very well with Finnish I think. It is hard to find the right words when teaching because there is not always a perfect match between Finnish and English words (like what they mean). I feel that I have lack of some basic English verbs so my explanations might come somewhere far. But I am moving forward…


Wolves and Dragons: First meeting on 19th February 2017

Hello everybody!


I am Johanna, a first year social services student from TAMK. I applied to this EOTO course because I want to improve my English skills and meet people from different cultures. I got paired with a Chinese man Yu. I am quite excited because, I have to confess, I don’t know that much about China. So I am looking forward to learn more about Chinese culture, traditions and history.

Our first meeting took place at Cafe Europa. Because Yu have lived in Finland for a couple of years, I wanted to test his knowledge about Finland. I asked him questions like ”Who is the president of Finland?”, ”What is the national animal of Finland?” and ”When the Winter war was fought between Finland and Soviet Union?”.  The quiz also included tasks like name the cities/places/products.

After the quiz we started to discuss ourselves, studies, food, animals etc… Yu already know how to count in Finnish, he also knows weekdays and can introduce himself in Finnish. So this time I taught him how to order a coffee, how to ask how much something costs and how to buy a train/bus ticket. So we started with very basic things.


On the next meeting Yu is going to teach me Chinese history. So I am looking forward to meet him next Friday!


– Johanna