Hot tea and Friendship at Cafè Europa!

On Friday 17 February 2017, Anna Melissa and I decided to spend the afternoon at Cafè Europa, where atmosphere is cozy and there’s always space for a good tea!

I brought the computer and thanks to this we started reviewing some words and usefull phrases of the first meeting with a special power point. We teached Anna how to introduce herself (name, age) and related questions, asking people How are you? and answering I’m fine. Anna did the same with us, trying to correct some mistakes (especially on pronunciation) that I did after years of no practice of German. With the excuse of saying our age, we also introduced numbers! I remembered them quite well but for Anna and Melissa, that was the first time face to face with italian/german numbers, it has been quite hard challenge. Despite everything, Anna is so interested that she learned them really fast.

I realized how difficult is to be a teacher and try to teach someone something difficult making it in a very simple and at the same time interesting way. So I’ll hope to be as clear as possible, during our meeting, and thanks to Melissa, my colleague, we’ll try to do a good job.

Time always goes fast! Keep in touch. Tschüss!

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