JAP/FIN 9th meeting 20.2.

We had our 9th meeting at the usual place, TAMK’s library. I was prepared for this meeting with some sentences and expressions I wanted to know. We also translated some professions from a printout that Nao had from her Finnish classes. Here’s what I have written in my notebook:

…するぞ = *said when you’re going to do something, very strong expression

日本に行っても、日本語の勉強を続ける = When I go to Japan, I will continue studying Japanese

たくさん働いたら、疲れる = I get tired when I work hard

色々 = anything

けんちくか = architect

みぶんしょうめいしょ = ID

うんてんめんきょしょう = driving licence

めいし = business card

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