Cosy coffee time by the lake

Our second was in a cosy little café near the lake by Lapinkaari. After getting coffee and a piece of cake or muffin we sat together and first talked a little bit about our upcoming vacation and further meeting planning.

In our todays lesson we wanted to learn about:


  • Learn about special days and dates of our country
  • Learn the days of the week and maybe months
  • Learn how to count


Starting with the numbers were a little bit easier because we kind of knew some of them. But the pronunciation was again the hardest. Its like you want to say it but the mouth can not connect to the brain correctly J.


Spanish Numbers:

Spanish English
Uno One
Dos Two
Tres Three
Cuatro Four
Cinco Five
Seis Six
Siete Seven
Ocho Eight
Nueve Nine
Diez Ten


Afterward Fernanda explained to us how to count further but that got a little bit complicated to us so we maybe will try it later on in the meetings.

Teaching Fernanda the German is showing is a lot of fun even to hear how a Spanish speaker pronounces letters differently makes the own language more exotic J


Then we learned the days in the week:

Lunes Monday
Martes Tuesday
Miercoles Wednesday
Jueves Thursday
Viernes Friday
Sábado Saturday
Domingo Sunday




In the Spanish language you can actually hear were the days are coming from. Lunes à Moon, Martes à Mars, Viernes –> Venus and so on.IMG_0308

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