Games, games, games!

On our third meeting, I took Yu to Vapriikki. I thought that it would be nice place to visit because its beautiful location and various exhibitions. We were there almost three hours but still hadn’t enough time to see everything. At first we went to Hurriganes exhibition and I taught Yu some instrument names in Finnish. After that we dropped in Tampere 1918 exhibition, Mineral Museum and The Natural History Museum. When we had our first meeting, I taught Yu some species of animals living in Finland. The Natural History Museum was a great place to review the names of animals and to learn more.

The Finnish Museum of Games is the first museum of gaming in Finland. There are over 100 games and you can play almost all of them. There are all kind of games from board games to pinball and computer games. Because of the winter holiday the museum was quite crowded but we managed to play some games and had a great time. I highly recommend to visit Vapriikki. There is a lot to see and to do and there is free entry on Friday afternoons.

We also discussed some cultural differences between Finland and China. I learned that one is not allowed to own a gun or any kind of weapon in China, while in Finland almost everybody can get a license for a gun. In China joining the army is a choice not an obligation. There is just a short period of time, one or one and a half months, that every young man must spend in the army. Getting married is legal in China when person reaches the age of 22. We also talked a bit about the status of women and one-child policy in China.

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