Game museum trip

We had been to Vapriiki. We had looked for most of the things inside. We went to Hurriganes exhibition when we went in. Johanna told me some name of instrument and she also brought me to see the history of Tampere. We went to see the rock museum together and we found many beautiful stones. Then we went upstairs to see the natural museum. There is a funny part is to smell the things in the bottle and see what is name of the things. My favorite smell is called ‘Ruusu’ in Finish.

Then we went to the old game museum. We saw many old games and the history of the games. Unfortunately, we cannot play all the game, but we still try plenty of them. There were many people inside the museum, so it was really hard to wait to play the game.

Then we talked about some different policy in China, and what kind of guns does finish people could own. I also explain the changes from one-child policy to two-child policy.IMG-20170303-WA0000IMG-20170303-WA0002

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