Meeting in school cafeteria

It’s been almost a month from our first meeting. We found out that it’s pretty hard to find a suitable meeting time for three people. We all have our own schedules and goings. Sophie were visiting Lapland on her Holiday, and I were in my hometown, so it was impossible for us to have a Shrovetide-meeting. I had planned to cook finnish traditional foods like a peasoap and pancake. Even thought we did’nt have a finnish cooking night, this happened in some other way yesterday! We had our meeting in school cafeteria, and there was this traditional thursday lunch: peasoap and pancake! It was a first time Sophie tasted it and me and Goodwill had actually different food. I did teach them a couple new finnish words, and i tried to pronounce hernekeitto in french. (It was suprisingly hard!)

Pannukakku = pancake = crêpe

Hernekeitto = pea soap = soupe aux pois

We discussed that even thought pannukakku is crêpe in french, it is not the same thing! The ingredients are the same, but the way of making it is different. Finnish version of crêpe is lätty, but pannukakku is made in the owen. I hope will we have the finnish food night in the near future! During this meeting, couple of Goodwill’s french friends joined us, and it was really nice. It would be really useful to learn some new french words!!

It was really nice to catch up with our little group! I’m looking forward to our next meeting and learning new things. I hope we will find a suitable meeting time for all of us pretty soon! 🙂



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  1. Hi Nuppu! Sometimes it might be a pain in the neck to find a suitable time for meeting. I can recommend using Doodle for scheduling – try it if you have never done it before!

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