3rd meeting with Cat

On Wednesday the 22nd of February Cat came over for dinner at 5.30pm. My boyfriend also got to meet her for the first time. She stayed until 9pm, although we would have had more to talk about – we just decided it was time for her to leave. She came straight from school, biking through a snowstorm. I wouldn’t have come if I was her, the weather was terrible.

Dinner was ready right as she came in. We had spaghetti with minced meat sauce with tomato paste and cream. And ketchup of course. And grated carrots for a pitiful salad. It was good though, although I don’t think my vote counts as I made it.

During dinner, we focused on Finnish and discussed the food and summer. Obviously, we wanted to talk about something pleasant as the blizzard was raging outside. We taught Cat to say that the food tastes good, and how to thank for the food. She also told us about her arrival to Finland and with a little bit of help could use quite a bit of Finnish. As my boyfriend is from an area in Finland where they grow a lot of strawberries and Cat had been on a strawberry farm one summer they had a lot to discuss. After dinner, my boyfriend went to game in the living room and me and Cat went to my office/ our bedroom.

We started to talk about stuff from the beginning. We had started our friendship quite fast without getting to know each other so we did it now. I love this kind of discussions as it helps my English become more fluent – which is exactly what I’m after. I find that although I’ve introduced myself in English many times in the past, it’s always a bit different depending on who I’m talking to. I find myself enjoying Cat’s company more than I could have ever expected as I thought this was “just a course” and not a friendship. As she’s so easy to talk to, I’m sure we’ll get to continue with the more difficult subjects any day now – we already touched the subject of religion on the 22nd and racism and politics on the 17th. My ultimate goal for this course is to be able to argue in a way that doesn’t insult people, although we disagree on something. I want to be able to express my thought process in a way that I’m understood and to be able to argue in a constructive way where we both learn something.

Can’t wait for our next meeting! We’re having a bit of a tough time getting our schedules to meet, but we’ll keep trying 🙂

ATB, Sonja

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