Session 3: shopping it is

On the 10th of March, we had our third session of teach one each one. These session where based in shopping and work around vocabulary that we could relate in real life. We started with clothes in Keskustori mall (sport clothes, daily clothes and shoes) and then we went to buy some food. I think that for Chris and his practice with Spanish it was a great way to learn and work his skills. On the other hand, in my case I don’t think it was as effective as it should. When Chris tried to teach me vocabulary in German I had nothing to relate it with and I could not take notes at the moment because we were walking through the mall so I forgot pretty fast the words he was teaching me.

But Chris actually surprised me. Walking around made it easier for him to talk in Spanish, so basically we spoke almost all the time in Spanish. I corrected some of the forms of verbs and articles, but he got to practice shopping vocabulary and he remembered most of it when I asked.

At the end of the session, we decided that we would divide the sessions that we have left in more theory for me so I can write and take some notes so I have some ground to take part in the try of a conversation and the other sessions will be more practical for Chris because we’ve seen that it is the best way for him to practice and learn Spanish.


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