JAP/FIN 10th Meeting 17.3.

We had our 10th and last EOTO meeting at my my place. I had promised to cook even though I knew that cooking is not exactly my specialty…  But my Indian style ‘dal’ sauce turned out pretty good and I wouldn’t be lying if I said I think we both enjoyed it.

While eating we also discussed my practical training/internship period which I will do in Japan this summer. Nao said her father would be interested to show me around which I thought was a very good idea.

After the meal we watched a movie I had selected: Aki Kaurismäki’s ‘The Man Without a Past’. I had seen the movie already at least three times but I like it a lot and thought it would be a good one for Nao to see. It’s different from other Finnish directors’ work and has some cool Japan references in one scene. And of course because Kaurismäki has many fans in Japan.

Even though our last meeting was great, finishing the course feels a bit sad. I think it’s been a nice addition to textbook and internet studying, and of course a valuable ‘spice’ to normal school stuff. So at least for me this course was a nice experience in several ways.

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