Meeting #6

We read some new ideas from tabula for our meeting and one was just perfect for us. We met in little market at Tammela. There was opening parties so we had free cake, coffee and pesto. Yammy! After eating and drinking we started to make up some useful sentences in market. Example “Hola, donte esta la leche?”. Sadefully the Market was really small and it was pretty full of people so we decided to continue our meeting at Minttu’s place.

At Minttu’s place we went through some groceries that are most common and good to know. Here is some of them..

liha – carne                                                                 mehu – jugo

juusto – queso                                                           jogurtti – yogurt

vihannes – vegetales                                              mansikka – frutillas

ananas – pina                                                            kookos – coco

Sorry, no picture from this meeting, we were feeling too ugly for that…

– Emmi

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