Meeting #7

Our seventh meeting theme was parties. I was going to a student event and me and Ella were tasting some drinks, also enjoying the sun. We listened some spanish music while talking about birthdays in Finland and Spain. The mood was in the roof.

We told Diego that when a child has a brithday party in Finland all his or hers classmates are invited. Also that it was the “best day of ever” when you had birthday and you were allowed to bring candy in school for everyone to eat. After you turn 10 birthdays aren’t a big deal anymore. When you turn 18 you go celebrate with your legal age friends in the club.

Spanish way is different. Diego told that when a girl turns 15 her parents organize either a massive party or pays for a party holiday for the birthday girl and her friends. One of the party traditions is a father-daughter dance. After that every male relative gets a dance turn and after that her friends. Guys celebrate just their 18th birthday usually clubbing or go to see some stripdance.


Party mode is on!



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