Third meeting with Anaëlle

Mine and Anaëlle’s third meeting on 9th of March for EOTO was in the cafe next to McDonald’s called Pyymäen Oma, which is one of my favorite cafes in Tampere. Firstly we talked about our ”skiing” break as  it is called in Finnish. Anaëlle explained me  what she did back home in France in French. Surprisingly I understood most of it, when Ana spoke slowly enough.

The theme of the meeting for me was directions and getting around the city in French. Sentences like Comment aller à la bibliothèque? and words like close=prosche and far=loin. We also tried to make me remember how to say for example by feet=à pied or by car=en voiture. Also Ana reminded me of how to aski if a place is open or closed, ouvert ou fermer. À quelle heure la biblio ferme? I had to ask Anaëlle how to say I’m lost in French, because I’m sure that might happen at some point, so ”je suis perdu”.

With Anaëlle we looked back on our previous meeting, and she tried to remember the pronouns minä, sinä, hän, me, te, he, se. We went through family related words like dad=isä and sister=sisko. We also had an interesting conversation about different ways to call our grandparents. Anaëlle wanted to learn words for friends and different titles depending on one’s gender. Our discussion quickly turned into how we would formally greet an unknown person in our native languages.

Once again we realised that we had already sat at the cafe for hours and decided to continue next time.

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