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Second meeting

Emmi and I met us at Tamk, around one houre.


Colors :

White : Valkoinen

Blue : sininen

Red : punainen

Green : Vihreä

Yellow : Keltainen

Black : Musta

Purple : Violetti

Pink : Vaalen


Day : Päivä    /  Week : Viikko

Monday : Maanantai

Tuesday : Tiistai

Wednesday : Keskiviiko ( Keski = Middle )

Thursday : Torstai

Friday : Perjantai

Saturday : Lauantai

Sunday :  Sunnuntai

Week-end : Vikkonloppu



Pronouns :

I : Minä

You : Sinä

He / She  : Hän

It : Se (Use by young people instead of he/she)

We : Me

You : Te

They : He


Vocabulary :

Table : Pöytä

Sofa : Sohva

Floor : Lattia

Roof / ceiling : Katto

Chair : Tuoli

Carpet : Matto ( Mato : Worm)

Pillow : Tyyny

Curtain : Verho

Window : Ikkuna

School : Koulu



First meeting

Emmi and I, for our first meeting, we were in a coffee near from the city center. We have spend around 2hours together.


These is basics word I have learn


Hei : bonjour (formal )


Kiitos (paljon)

Goodmorning : hyvaa huomenta

Good day : hyvaa paivaa

Good evening : hyvaa iltaa

Good night: hyvaa yötä

Youre welcome : ole hyva

Å is pronounce like a “O” in France

Beer : olut,kalja


Number  :

1 yksi

2 : kaksi

3 kolme

4 neljä

5 viisi

6 kuusi (means Christmas tree too)

7 seitsemän

8 kahdeksan

9 yhdeksän

10 kymmenen

100 sata

Meeting 4 – 19 of march – SUPERMARKET

What is the easiest way to learn the fruits and vegetable or all the ingredients to cook a feast?

Answer: To go directly in a supermarket.


We have decided to go to the supermarket, because it was easy for us, we had all the things in front of us and we just had to traduce them.

Here again, there is a lot of words who have a lot of similarities and it’s was funny to notice that.

It was not a long meeting but it was the meeting where we have learned the largest number of words.

Supermarket 2

The most interesting part now, is that Lucia and I start to know how we learn with each other, so we know how to introduce, to explain etc and it’s very interesting to learn with some who know your way of learning.

Meeting 3 – 15 of march – WAFFLE WAFFLE WAFFLE

For this meeting, we were supposed to study the numbers and the colors but we did it before so we decided to study, first, the body part.


This meeting was for me the most difficult one. Because as you know, I know how to speak Spanish because I have studied this course since a long time. I was used to learn this part of body but with the time, it’s not a vocabulary that you need to use, in the common life or even in business. I had O remembers of this vocabulary, that’s why it was interesting and difficult to learn them again.

It was very funny to see the surprise on our face at each word because some words where very different and some words where very similar.

In link with the body parts, we have decided to learn how to say something when it’s hurt or when we’re feeling ill.

After finishing everything, we realized we had free time, so we have decided to see some animal’s pictures and try to guess their name. It was an amazing exercise because it was a perfect game to learn and also to see some cuties animals.


In conclusion, this meeting was very benefic for us and it was really nice to see each other in a waffle place where you could get some amazing waffle with caramel and be between girls was also nice to share moments.


German food partyyyy

We started our meeting with a walk to the supermarket sadly not with the nice spring weather anymore.

For our German dish today: “Käsespätzle and as a dessert Kaiserschmarrn with Applesauce”

we needed some ingredients we hadn’t at home.

WhatsApp Image 2017-03-21 adsft 19.41.07With the main dish Käsespätzle it is kind of a German pasta we bought them already made because we sadly hadn’t the device here in Finland to made them.

For those you need to boil the water but in the Spätzle and wait a couple minutes till the Spätzle rise up after that you put a lot of cheese on them. During that time a lot of onions should be cut and with a bit of oil roasted.

Our first dish was finished we had so much food that another German friend came and helped us eating :). We told Fernanda how to translate the ingredients and what food we normally eat in Germany. For Breakfast there is almost every time special kind of breads with marmalade, cheese and meat. For dinner and lunch German food is often really heavy and meaty with a lot of schnitzel, sausages and different kind auf meat done, as a side there is often Sätzle, Knödel and little salads that contains as sauerkraut and rothkohl.

But the most fun we had was preparing the dessert Kaiserschmarrn neither did it but we accepted the challengeJ.

For Kaiserscharrn a sWhatsApp Image 2017-03vfs-21 at 20.10.16pecial German pancake you need to put sugar, vanilla-sugar, the yellow of four eggs in to a bowl and mix it till it is homogeny. Then you poor the milk and flour during mixing in to the bowl step by step till it has a dough form. No
to the hard part ma
king the white egg stiff we needed a lot off power with no electrical mixer :). Then mixing everything together and pouring it in to a big pan. Till the bottom is gold brown then you have to destroy it into little piecesà finished.

Kaiserschmarrn is then served with powdersugar and applesauce. Fernada said how delicious it was and that a Mexican saying said that dessert doesn’t go to your stomach it goes to your heart:).

After our three-hour cooking spectacle, we decided to have another one wiWhatsApp Image 2017-03-21 at 20.40.52th only desserts one from Mexico and one from Germany because the hockey game where sold out.
We are still in our plan but mix the meetings still a little bit up.

Final meeting/closing report FIN/JAP

For our final meeting, Toni invited me his place and prepared beautiful Indian curry.
He even had some bottles of Japanese beers, I did not know that I could find Japanese beer in Finnish supermarket.

Then we watched Finnish film called “Mies vailla menneisyyttä”.
Until Toni mentioned him I hadn’t heard his name but now I know that Aki Kaurismäki, the director of the film is very popular among film lovers in Japan.
I really liked the film, its story, the actors and all. I found some similarities with Japanese classic movies and I like it. For instance there’s no too dramatic scene happening, mostly it’s quiet and less talk which is good for learning language.
I definitely will watch another films made by him.

It was such a great final meeting.
Through E1T1, I learned a lot, not only finnish language but the culture.

And I really am happy that Toni will be doing internship in Japan this summer.
I hope he will have good experience there and enjoy the life in Japan, and more than anything, what I told him during E1T1 will help him somehow.

This is my closing report!

Thank you very much for your helpful teaching Toni!


Let us cook some German food

We German have a little thoug
ht about what we can cook for Fernanda. The most typical German meals are with meat, but we have a vegetarian in our group. For this reason the cooking was a challenge – but we did it!

We knew that Lidl had in these week some German products in the offer, so we decided to checked it out. The decision was between Knödel and Spätzle with cheese.

But we decided to eat the Spätzle with cheese and onion. And for the dessert we want to make Kaiserschmarrn.17453332_1387191538024231_276257607_o

Lets go to Toas City and make some food. First we cooked the Spätzle and fried the onion and later you gave the cheese to the Spätzle. We had so many Spätzle so we invited Jana to eat with us.

After this we are so full but Fernanda said: “Dessert doesn’t go to the stomach, it goes to the heart.” It was our first 17475409_1387191924690859_512478944_otime, that we made Kaiserschmarrn by ourselves. By the way, Kaserschmarrn is something like pancakes. We ate it with some warm applesauce and powdered sugar – very delicious.

Like always, we had a nice meeting!

It was shopping time

The last meeting we decided to go in shopping mall and learn the colours and the names of the clothes. As always we were looking forward to seeing us and we had a lot to tell about studying and travelling. After this we visited different stores and talks about the colours. For me is the Spanish pronunciation not so easy, but for Fernanda is the German pronunciation also very difficult.

Then we talked about the clothes in Mexico, Germany and Finland.In Finland are not only the clothes expensive, here is everything expensive. In comparison Germany and Mexico have the same prizes in terms of clothes.

After the shopping, we needed some drinks – so we decided to go in bar and drink some beers. We had a very good time, with shopping, talking, drinking and laughing a lot.

In our next meeting we want to cook some German food.

15.3. ~ Chilling out

On Wednesday evening we met up quickly at Morgane’s place. She had just arrived from France. At her flat Morgane had some French friends with her and I could listen to actual, real French speaking!

Morgane told us about her time in Lapland and showed some beautiful pictures. I’m happy for her, since she could witness some great aurora borealis! I really want to visit Lapland soon as well, I haven’t been there in ages..!

We hanged around and played cards together, I taught them the games Risti7 and regular Seiska, and Morgane taught us one game as well 🙂

JAP/FIN 10th Meeting 17.3.

We had our 10th and last EOTO meeting at my my place. I had promised to cook even though I knew that cooking is not exactly my specialty…  But my Indian style ‘dal’ sauce turned out pretty good and I wouldn’t be lying if I said I think we both enjoyed it.

While eating we also discussed my practical training/internship period which I will do in Japan this summer. Nao said her father would be interested to show me around which I thought was a very good idea.

After the meal we watched a movie I had selected: Aki Kaurismäki’s ‘The Man Without a Past’. I had seen the movie already at least three times but I like it a lot and thought it would be a good one for Nao to see. It’s different from other Finnish directors’ work and has some cool Japan references in one scene. And of course because Kaurismäki has many fans in Japan.

Even though our last meeting was great, finishing the course feels a bit sad. I think it’s been a nice addition to textbook and internet studying, and of course a valuable ‘spice’ to normal school stuff. So at least for me this course was a nice experience in several ways.