Session 5: Sports Football and Skiing

Now we got to the Ecuador of our language experience and by this point I think we have found our own way to make the sessions successful for both of us. Sports are not one of my favourite subjects, but in Spain is a really important part of our culture so we couldn’t let it go. Chris instead really enjoyed this lesson, I know for a fact that he is a sports lover, we have gone to two hockey games together and the level of enthusiasm that he shows is over the top. 

Our session began with me experiencing Austrian sports life. It seems that skiing is one of the main winter sports in Austria and as we are in Finland It fits our lesson really well. Before we started the practical training Chris showed me another power point that included some vocabulary such as:  Sport—Deporte, Ski—Esqui, Springen—Salto. To have the full experience, Chris brought a typical drink from Austria that they have when they take breaks in this type of sports, Stroh. I cannot say I was a fan of this new drink I had tasted, but as always it was a good experience. 

Then the fun began, Chris actually tried to explain me the basics of skiing and we even tried some exercises that should help my balance in the snow. In dry floor it was all fun and ok but I am afraid if I ever have to try them on actual snow. The fact that we did a practical part in the session actually made the learning better and I actually can relate some words with sports now. I must say thou that the most words I remember are the ones that resemble the English language.

After this practical training, Chris wanted to be able to talk in Spanish about sports. As I have already said before he really likes them and to be able to have a conversation with a Spaniard I thing that sports it would be a great topic. For that we started to talk about diverse sports, all in Spanish and while we were talking I was correcting him. For him to not repeat the mistakes so much I wrote them down and after we talked we went through them. I told him what the mistakes he did the most, as for example the articles this time with sports. Actually, Chris already knows the rules and grammar but because we are talking some of these facts get lost in the middle of the conversation that is why we wrote them down and went through them at the end of the session.

I know that my level of German is no where the level of Chris with Spanish. I am really proud of him, he has improved a lot and I think that these lessons are really helping him to regain his speaking skills. In my case, it is more difficult than I fist thought. I try to get the basics but I focus much more in the cultural aspects of Austria than the language itself. Maybe it is because it is easier but I really like the cultural background and it gives me an inside of another way of thinking and personally I really like that fact.

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