Back again!

It has been a while since our last meeting. We both have been quite busy with our studies. At the moment I have many projects going on and it is a bit hard to find the time to meet friends or people at all.  Luckily we both had a day off this Friday and found some time to meet each other. This was our fifth meeting so it was my turn to be a teacher. I had planned earlier that we would go to Kauppi Sports Park, but because Yu had a little sport incident couple of weeks ago, we couldn’t do that.

On our previous meeting, I gave Yu a little homework to do. I asked if he could write a diary for one week. In Finnish, of course! On this meeting, we read the diary. Yu can already write basic sentences and he had made the effort and learned some new words while writing the diary. We talked a bit about Finnish grammar, regional dialects and learned some adjectives.

After all that official learning stuff, we went to have a lunch and talked about everyday life. We also planned our following meeting. Since Yu is going to teach me some things about traditional Chinese food, we are trying to find some nice Chinese restaurant to visit.

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