Meeting 2/10: Preguntas prácticas y práctica.



For this second meeting we reviewed topics from first meeting for a short moment. Checked again the pronunciation and listen any question that came out.

We meet again at same place than in the first meeting.

Then we start practicing from questions that were in the written material.

Practicing with practical questions is a good idea, because they are useful, and also teach many things of the language. Probably not very easy, it is quite challenging, but right away it shows the structure of the language.

We learned a bit about verbs and conjugation, prepositions. And learning overall about the structure of the Spanish language.

Then we switched to Chinese and discuss about topics of Chinese culture. Things like: family, marriage, children, elderly, etc. In western, we are used to see marriage in a church, while in China they don’t do in church.

In Finland, government stimulate and would want Finnish families to have children. While, in China 2 children max is the norm, if having more children, family will have to pay more tax to government.

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