“Hullut päivat” crazy day in Stockman

For this Fourth meeting, we had plan to have a walk on pinikki park and see the pinikki tower. But the weather was raining, snowing, hainling so to sum-up very bad !!!  Before it was raining Nuppu say in the converstion “weather is so nice, so i’d be nice to meet outside”, i look outside so many grey clouds on the sky not sun….. i answer to Nuppu “Nuppu the weather is not nice for me xD but it’s ok to meet outside” brrrr. Nuppu answer me “for finnish people it is xD ” !!

So Finally we have to meet at Keskustori but Goodwill was lost and he doesn’t have internet but he fine wii-fi at Mac Donald luckily. So with Nuppu we meet at keskustori and we take a bus to join Goodwill at Stockman.

17842065_10211033387568617_219309133_n Finally, it’s was raining stronger and stronger. Everything in Stockman was yellow (like Nuppu) it was a special week with sales . We look each other, and Nuppu say “ok so  what do you think to have a meeting “Hullut Päivat” crazy days in Stockman” ! So finally we change the plan due to the weather but it was funny and unexpected !!

We walk on the commercial center speak about many subjects like the prices that are not so so cheap for me and Goodwill, and also Finnish brands.


Goodwill discovered the famous finnish brand Moomies. 17887522_1943349965894084_1595693968_o








We find also little toy-annimals  and we play to translate some:

Rabbit = lapin = jänis

Fox = renard = kettu

Giraffe = girafe = kirahvi

Pig = cochon = porsas

Sheep = mouton = lammas

At the end we attribute at everybody an animal Goodwill a “norsu” =, Nuppu a “kettu” and me a “kani”. It’s was Funny !

17841630_10211033386848599_1705423438_n look forward for the next meeting 🙂

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