Last week we decided to do a cooking session in the Mexican style. This subsequently also led to doing groceries once more. A good way to practice what we had learned before from Juan Carlos about the names and products he uses in Mexico. It was interesting to see that most of the words of vegetables were still very present in our minds. Also called verduras in Spanish of course.
Juan Carlos wanted to show us about Mexican food but struggled a bit to find the right ingredients here in Finland. Therefore, he had decided on doing something easy but still very Mexican. Tortillas with self-made guacamole and cheese. This was the first time for me to prepare self-made guacamole so I was really looking forward to it. I was quite familiar with Tortillas though and also had guacamole before but never made it myself. What a better way to  learn then from a real Mexican!
The needed ingredients for guacamole are in English:
– Avocado
– Tomatos
– Unions
– Lime
– Chiles
– Salt and Pepper

And in Spanish:

– Aguacate
– Tomates
– Uniones
– Lima
– Chiles
– Sal y pimienta

In the next meeting we will put these ingredients to use and make the dish itself!

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