German and Chinese 1 (31/1/2017)

This is our first meeting. We decided to meet at the entrance of TAMK main campus. The mission of first meeting was to know about each other and made a plan of our following meeting. In our group, I’m Jie from China and my partner Maxi from German. Maxi is a tall,  white boy with curly hair. At first, I was afraid to talk with him, because I wasn’t confident about my oral English. But later, I found it doesn’t matter. He could catch my meaning immediately and we had some gestures or body language. We finished the group part of our primary plan soon. Then we tried to learn some basic sentences.

English German
Hello Hallo
Goodbye Tschüss / Auf Wiedersehen
Thank You Danke / Dankeschön
You’re welcome Bitte / Bitteschön
No Nein
Yes Ja
My name is Mein Name ist
I am Ich bin / Ich heiße

Some of the words can be easy for me, just sounds like english words. However,  I can’t pronouce “ich” as native speaker, which made me feel upset.  It’s interesting to see the special German letter “ß”, it seems like a pregnant woman! At the end, I can use “Tschüss “, and Maxi said “Zai jian” to say goodbye to each other! 🙂

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