German and Chinese 2 (7/2/2017)

The second meeting we decided to meet at Y campus from 14:00p.m to 16:00p.m. We still met at TAMK, because I had class from 16:00p.m. Thank you, Maxi! 🙂 First, we talked about interesting things recently.  Also, we discussed interesting places we prefer to take the classes, such as Pella’s cafe and the tower in the mountain. Then, we reviewed sentences we learnt last time. It was so nice that we still can remember some of them, although I couldn’t get exactly pronunciation of German words as Maxi did.

In my opinion, pinyin learning is one useful method to pronounce Chinese. So I asked Maxi if he wants to learn pinyin. He agreed. After I showed how to pronounce all vowels for him, I was so amazed that he could almost repeat those. He was so great! Also, Maxi told me some similar pronounce ways, which helped me a lot.

At last, we learnt some other sentences like last time. Some words can be a little bit long for me, it’s hard to remember. Fortunately, Maxi told me how to divide the words into small parts patiently.

How are you? Wiegehtesdir?
I’m fine. (Mir gehtes) gut.
Sorry. Entschuldigung
It does not matter /no problem Istnichtschlimm /kein problem
Not Nicht

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