5/10 Meeting English/Spanish Roosa and Edgar

In this meeting we met in UTA, because I wanted to share my presentations that I had to make for some subjects, how to know to find the best way for making a good presentation about those topics.

It was good for both of us that I had to explain her the business of Mercadona, it is a supermarket from Spain that has the highest % of Market. as we are doing the same Bachelor, we had different views of teaching them to each other, and to understand the different kind of lessons in Spain. In Spain we have more theoretical lessons than in Finland. It was also a topic for talking and discuss if it is a better way for our projects.

Our topic for this meeting was to keep a conversation combining Spanish and English, also she is doing lessons in Spanish in UTA and it is good point for her, since she has my help for those assignments, she asked me if I can help her for the next lesson  to find the history of Spanish language, it’s so good for me too because I do not know too much.

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