German and Chinese 5 (27/3/2017)

Today, we decided to meet in Y campus again because we couldn’t decide where to go. Also, the weather these days changed fast. So, it’s better to stay indoors. We didn’t meet for about one month, so we talked a lot before the class began. Maxi showed the photos in Lapland and his feeling to experience nature there. I was so amazed to hear that he tried to jump in lakes in such a cold day. That’s must be a very nice trip.

Then, we decided to learn some new words, and the part of pronouns is easier. Because the words can be really short and some of them I have learnt before. After that we talked about weekdays, which had some regulars to find. They all have the suffix “tag” except Wednesday, just like “day” in English.

I Ich
You Du
He Er
She Sie
It Es
We Wir
You Ihr
They Sie
Monday Montag
Tuesday Dienstag
Wednesday Mittwoch
Thursday Donnerstag
Friday Freitag
Saturday Samstag
Sunday Sonntag

At last, we learnt some words of family. As for this part, German words can be easy, because most of them just like English. And unlike Chinese both elder brother and younger brother are called “Bruder” in German.

Mother Mutter (Mama)
Father Vater (Papa)
Son Sohn
Daughter Tochter
Brother Bruder
Sister Schwester
Uncle Onkel
Aunt Tante
Grandpa Großvater (Opa)
Grandma Großmutter (Oma)

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