German and Chinese 7 (21/4/2017)

This was a German day. We ate German food, drank German beer and talked about German things. It was so nice of Maxi and Timm to invite Feng and me to their place (Pinja) to taste traditional German food. This is my first time to Pinja, so along the road, Feng and me found some interesting shops around there, such as some Chinese restaurants and the special hat shop. Therefore,  it might be an interesting experience if you break you routine and explore new things.

The foods were potato salad, sausage and bread. It seemed that potato salad is popular in the summer of German. It has potatoes, tomatoes, onion, apple, sour cucumber, cream in it. At first, Feng and I were afraid of eating the cucumber, because I had eaten it in the flight and it was really sour. However, after I tasted the salad, I thought it wasn’t as strange as I thought before. With cream in it, it became more tastes. Then, I tried the sausage, which is totally different from China. Maxi told me when the middle of the sausage was broken and the color was nice, then we can eat. It smelt really good. And I followed Timm, tried to add sausage and mustard in bread. I just thought eat mustard also need courage in China, but the mustard in Finland was different.  Also, Maxi provided a famous German beer, which almost didn’t have alcohol in it. It tasted like beer but you will never get drunk.

IMG_20170421_184647                       IMG_20170421_190542

I’m sincerely thank my friends Maxi and Timm to prepare such a wonderful meal. I tasted more and know more about German.


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