German and Chinese 8 (24/4/2017)

Today we went to mediapolis, which is Maxi’s campus. It was a little bit far from city center, so we spent lots of time in the bus. We talked about the difference between Chinese and Europe sellers in phone shops. Chinese sellers will introduced its functions, advantages and compare with other telephones. But in Europe, people will answer only when you ask them some questions. Therefore, I need to do more research work by my own. Then, as a media student, Maxi was really amazed that we can’t use Whatsapp, Messager, Youtube and so on in China. These might more international, although we have our own applications. But I still sure that he could find me through e-mail. 🙂 We also talked about the experience before we went to university. In China, people all judged by Chinese Gaokao, which is the most important exam in China and held in each year 7th 8th of June. In German, people can be more difficult. If you don’t get good grades in your primary school, maybe you won’t have multiple choices of your major. We still have some similar ways in select talents.

IMG_20170423_171812          IMG_20170423_143449

Because today is Sunday, just little people in mediapolis. It seemed a little bit peaceful. But I was amazed by the professional technical. Maxi introduced different room for me. And I can image his major might be a pleasure one. After we come back, we went to the bookshop in Stockmann, I even found a Chinese book!!!

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