It is time to taste a German specialty – Apfelstrudel

Last meeting Melissa and Marta showed their cooking skills, so this meeting it was my turn. On the 4th of April I decided to bake an apple strudle with them. In german you say “Apfelstrudel”. Usually Apfelstrudel is a specialty from Austria but also in Germany, this is also much eaten. Accordingly, I think it is also a specialty of Germany. This meeting I invited the girls to my home. Melissa and Marta told me that they had already eaten Apfelstrudel several times before, since it is often also eaten in Northern Italy which is close to Südtirol (Asutria).  I asked my mom for  a good recipe because she often bakes a very tasty Apfelstrudel.

At first we started to prepare the dough and we had so much fun. As you remember the last time, when we cooked Pizza, we always called the dough “our baby”. So this time we had a new “baby”. After putting all the ingredients for the dough together, the dough had to rest for some time. While we were waiting for our baby we could peel and cut the apples for the filling. Then we spread the dough and filled this with the following ingredients: 150g of breadcrumbs, 150g of cinnamon sugar, 170g of raisins, 10g of lemon juice, 1kg of peeled-cored-sliced apples and one shot of rum. After we have shaped the dough into a roll, we pushed it into the oven.

When the Apfelstrudel was finally finished, we led it cool for a short time. Afterwards we enjoyed the very delicious german specialty with a cup of tea. While we enjoyed the Apfelstrudel, we realized that our time in Tampere soon ended, and we talked about our time in Finland.

Time always goes fast! See you next time! Arrivederci!

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