Having dinner together

This time I prepared to teach one sign of China, food. Food is very important in China. It was difficult in the beginning, because Johanna said that she is a vegan, 100% vegan. And in China, vegan is the same with vegetarians. But when I ask deeper, she told me that she doesn’t eat eggs, fish, cheese, and even milk!

OMG! This is really challenged for me to order the food for her, but finally I made it. Even there are some small misunderstandings, we start our meal.

During the meal, I introduce some different types of food in China. Because China has a large area of territory, the ways of cooking had been separated to many different types. The main types are eight types. I also introduce the way of cooking at the place where I live. Because it’s mainly for the kings, so both the looking and the taste should be good.

We discuss also the main types of food in different place of China. What we used to eat normally and how the farming and what type of plant they grow between Finland and China.

This has been a really nice dinner.

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