A fierce table tennis match in gym

After several cloudy day, today is a sunshine day that’s very warm and suitable for outdoor activities. So Timm and I decided to go to the school gym to play sports compared with boring teaching directly. It’s sure to be an original approach to absorb the knowledge this was the first time I went to the school gym. It’s said there are abundant sports facilities.

After discussion, we would like to try to play the table tennis. It’s generally believed that Chinese are good at playing it. However, I am an exception. I just know how to play it and not proficient in it. To my surprise, Timm also know how to play even though a little unfamiliar it. Then I taught Timm how to beat the ball in strong way. I have learnt lots of professional knowledge about tennis table in my P.E. class. I guess I must be a qualified teacher. After simple training, we want to use a game check our skill, we had a fierce table tennis competition, finally I won the game, to my surprise Timm made obvious progress by promoting his skills, his hardworking and indomitable spirit made me realize the famous Germany nationality again. By contrast, I always escape the trouble and challenge rather than face bravely. In this point, I should learn it from Timm.

After that, we went to the second-hand shop to learn some Germany words. It’s very interesting, we think about studying in this way, a little strange and embarrassed but I am excited about this. Because I would help my friends to send him to the hospital, we ended our meeting ahead of time.


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