Cooking together in penja

We didn’t see each other for long time because I were busy reviewing my final exam, and Timm need to do another something. So today we met in the penja which are Timm’s flat. I am excited to go to the penja. It’s said the decoration in penja is glorious. It’s true, when I got into the door, I have the different feeling comparing the Lapinkaari. It’s cleaner and like a glorious palace golden wall, textile floors, everything presents a new appearance.

As planned, first we went to the market to buy the food ingredients we need to cook. Timm told me he will cook “pencake”, I am surprised what is pancake. I have never heard about it. Later I started to realize my stupid mistake. It’s pancake. What an awkward time. And I prepared the Chinese pie that are sweet. After we finished cooking, we began to eat it. In the process of cooking. I found there are similar steps to prepare, even we use the same ingredients hardly. We helped each other when we cooked, It’s very nice when you have cooperation with foreigner.

One of my goals is that I can cooperate with foreigner easily and lightly at the moment. I think I am pleased to achieve this goal. It’s only a trifle, but it’s enough for me, we tasted our cake  with abandon. We discussed about our interesting experience in Finland. We didn’t care about the culture different. I like this feeling that’s I am looking for.


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