Last meeting in city center

I will leave finland and back to my hometown in next month which means I will end course the each one teach one course in this week. That’s also our 10th and last meeting, we just want to have a tour along the river in the centre of Tampere, so we didn’t have any teaching plan in this session.

We talked about our happy time we have ever spent together, from the first time we met each other in library and to the last we will say hello to each other, these happy time I get never forgot. We studied together, we cooked together, we played together, even we take part in activities together.

Sometimes Timm can use easy Chinese words to talk with me while I use the English more often, he is very brave to express the real feeling and his great progress in Chinese made me feel I am a good teacher to teach Chinese. I also made obvious progress that I can use some words talk with others, not only the achievement I get in the studying, but also the change in character, I become more outgoing and confident, I don’t afraid to speak in the public and I also learned some communication art from Timm.

After long walking, we found a long bench to have a rest, we began to talk about our future plan when we back to school, first thing is back home, we missed our hometown very much, that’s definitely we should do this, and then we began to our study in our school. Finally Timm gave me a Finland flag to write something I want to say him, it’s memorable to record unforgettable time.

Finally, thank you Timm, let me learn a lot thing and have an unforgettable time in Finland.

Thank you!

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