Walking around lake and Play game

This was our next-to-last meeting we spent together so we want to find a peaceful place to communicate by heart. We decided to go to the Naistenlahti lake to go for a walk near the Lapinkaari. Unfortunately, because we don’t said the specific location, we missed each other for long time until I found Timm.

We walked along the lake lanes, sawing the blue sky, breathing the fresh air without thinking anything in the world. It’s very comfortable and relaxed. I valued highly this spare and meaningful time. We talked about our future plan after we came back our home university. We also want to continue our school work and apply for higher education. Then we went to the lapinkaari common kitchen to have a tea meeting. I provided lots of kind of tea that Timm can choose anyone he want to drink.

At the same time. We taught each other some basic words in different language about the tea. It’s very interesting and funny for the twist pronunciation. But we tried several times, after, I do it. Then we began to play the poker game. We taught each other one native playing method. It’s challengeable for me to study German poker game. I think this is also a good way to learn culture and language by this game. We also got something we want to learn from other, no matter what the intelligence encourage or human.

Thank you Timm. I will remember today forever.

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