#3thMeeting (17.02.2017) Chines Food- the hotpot

Today is our first Each one Teach one Cooking day. Feng and Jie Guo Has invited there partners (Maxi, Timm) to taste the typically Chinese cuisine. We started at 6pm and the theme was the traditional hot pot meal. This meal needs a lot of time and is the meal where the people who sit around the hot pot have time to discuss some topics or only for a good report of her daily situation. Furthermore, we try to learn the first food names in chines. For instance, potato, fish ball, cabbage, salt, meat and so on. In addition, some special Chinese sauces are on the on side tasty but on the other hand spicy. Along the way we repeat our first knowledge and we discuss or both learning ways from group to group. Are there differences or similarities. Around 10pm, we have finished and we decided our next meeting.

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