#4thMeeting (24.02.2017) YCampus

It’s Friday and we meet at the YCampus at TAMK. First, we try to welcome each other in their mother language, it was very difficult but we have try it and sometimes we can understood each other. At this date, we repeat at first the German alphabet and all the numbers. In addition, we learn and reaped the German phrases. Feng does makes a really good job excluded from two difficult German letters but it will be done till the next meeting. The next step was the Chinese Alphabet, I reaped both alphabets and try to control my tongue in the writhe way. At the end, it was very good pronunciation exclude like Feng from two letters. Moreover, I try to reply and to read the phrases at the worksheet from Feng. But not the Chinese character I read the phonetic symbol. At this point, I heard the first time from the Chinese sound level and this is really important in the daily lifetime. So I try to read it correctly and furthermore, try to create the right sound level which is very difficult. We end after the Chinese and went to Soulu and take part in the finish activetiys in TAMK.

老外学汉语四十句 First sentences in Chinese

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