#5thMeeting (13.03.2017) Library TAMK

It´s Monday morning and we meet in TAMK library for improve our skills. Like at the other meetings we begun with German. Feng does a great job but some letters are difficult for a Chinese. Bt I need to say that letters like a the R and the combination from sch and ch are difficult for people who don’t steam from a German speaking region. The first 45min we decided with German and the other 45min we spoke in Chinese.

After learning we had have a nice conversation about the normal life in Germany and China that was very interesting. The living standard of your flat the hometown. It’s so difficult to imaging all the big towns and the stricter because we haven´t these towns in Europe. We also show us where we come from and what we do in our hometown. It was out of my imaginativeness in which big town Feng lives. But the other way around for Feng because in my hometown lives 23.000 inhabitants. We ended our meeting with all the places where we want to go in or future and we understood that we want to go in the region and the area where the other lives.

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