#FirstMeeting (27.01.2017) Meeting at the library for the first time

It was our first meeting together and we decided to go in a familiar environment the TAMK library. The first contact was really friendly and pleasant and we site down on at 884f7263jw1edflhuh3blj20jg0rsgoh (1)a little table besides a window. At first, we speak about our study courses and we have seen that we study booth engendering and we our studies keep on the subject with the nature and the environment. That is our first common point and our second is that we booth like to cook and we love to eat. This is our basics for the curricular of the Each one Teach one project for the next 3 month. Therefore, we decided our parts and subjects, unified all this to a good, and well balanced curricular. It included the alphabet, numbers, basic phrases, dialog, culture and especially for use food and cooking. So hopefully we haven´t got too much in our plan but we will see how it goes in the next few weeks. But we have learn from each other 2 words.

Hello and Goodbye / Hallo und Tschüss/ 你好 Nǐhǎo, 再见 Zàijiàn

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