#SecondMeeting (30.01.2017) Café in the CityCenter

The First step in our program include the learning of the alphabet and basic phrases that is why we meet a short time after our initial meeting. We today we don´t meet at TAMK because for the first lesson it´s good to have a neutral place for doing the real basic stuff for learning a new language. For a good start at first, we both need a coffee.WP_20170130_003

The first hour was the German lesson. We begin at first with the alphabet and all there difficult pronunciations begin from A to Z. Feng does a good job but the most difficult letter was I,R and the German sch and ch – we will try it next times more. Overall, he makes a good job for the first time.

The second hour the Chinese lesson. We done the same way in Chinese like the one inWP_20170130_006 German at first we do the normal pronunciation of the first Chinese alphabet without the special sound levels. I didn´t know that in the Chinese exists besides the character normal sound letters. Therefore, it is not so difficult to learn the pronunciation, but it will be a big challenge to learn them. In addition to the alphabet, I learn the word thank you= 谢谢 Xièxie.

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