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#4thMeeting (24.02.2017) YCampus

It’s Friday and we meet at the YCampus at TAMK. First, we try to welcome each other in their mother language, it was very difficult but we have try it and sometimes we can understood each other. At this date, we repeat at first the German alphabet and all the numbers. In addition, we learn and reaped the German phrases. Feng does makes a really good job excluded from two difficult German letters but it will be done till the next meeting. The next step was the Chinese Alphabet, I reaped both alphabets and try to control my tongue in the writhe way. At the end, it was very good pronunciation exclude like Feng from two letters. Moreover, I try to reply and to read the phrases at the worksheet from Feng. But not the Chinese character I read the phonetic symbol. At this point, I heard the first time from the Chinese sound level and this is really important in the daily lifetime. So I try to read it correctly and furthermore, try to create the right sound level which is very difficult. We end after the Chinese and went to Soulu and take part in the finish activetiys in TAMK.

老外学汉语四十句 First sentences in Chinese

#3thMeeting (17.02.2017) Chines Food- the hotpot

Today is our first Each one Teach one Cooking day. Feng and Jie Guo Has invited there partners (Maxi, Timm) to taste the typically Chinese cuisine. We started at 6pm and the theme was the traditional hot pot meal. This meal needs a lot of time and is the meal where the people who sit around the hot pot have time to discuss some topics or only for a good report of her daily situation. Furthermore, we try to learn the first food names in chines. For instance, potato, fish ball, cabbage, salt, meat and so on. In addition, some special Chinese sauces are on the on side tasty but on the other hand spicy. Along the way we repeat our first knowledge and we discuss or both learning ways from group to group. Are there differences or similarities. Around 10pm, we have finished and we decided our next meeting.

#SecondMeeting (30.01.2017) Café in the CityCenter

The First step in our program include the learning of the alphabet and basic phrases that is why we meet a short time after our initial meeting. We today we don´t meet at TAMK because for the first lesson it´s good to have a neutral place for doing the real basic stuff for learning a new language. For a good start at first, we both need a coffee.WP_20170130_003

The first hour was the German lesson. We begin at first with the alphabet and all there difficult pronunciations begin from A to Z. Feng does a good job but the most difficult letter was I,R and the German sch and ch – we will try it next times more. Overall, he makes a good job for the first time.

The second hour the Chinese lesson. We done the same way in Chinese like the one inWP_20170130_006 German at first we do the normal pronunciation of the first Chinese alphabet without the special sound levels. I didn´t know that in the Chinese exists besides the character normal sound letters. Therefore, it is not so difficult to learn the pronunciation, but it will be a big challenge to learn them. In addition to the alphabet, I learn the word thank you= 谢谢 Xièxie.

#FirstMeeting (27.01.2017) Meeting at the library for the first time

It was our first meeting together and we decided to go in a familiar environment the TAMK library. The first contact was really friendly and pleasant and we site down on at 884f7263jw1edflhuh3blj20jg0rsgoh (1)a little table besides a window. At first, we speak about our study courses and we have seen that we study booth engendering and we our studies keep on the subject with the nature and the environment. That is our first common point and our second is that we booth like to cook and we love to eat. This is our basics for the curricular of the Each one Teach one project for the next 3 month. Therefore, we decided our parts and subjects, unified all this to a good, and well balanced curricular. It included the alphabet, numbers, basic phrases, dialog, culture and especially for use food and cooking. So hopefully we haven´t got too much in our plan but we will see how it goes in the next few weeks. But we have learn from each other 2 words.

Hello and Goodbye / Hallo und Tschüss/ 你好 Nǐhǎo, 再见 Zàijiàn

Last meeting in city center

I will leave finland and back to my hometown in next month which means I will end course the each one teach one course in this week. That’s also our 10th and last meeting, we just want to have a tour along the river in the centre of Tampere, so we didn’t have any teaching plan in this session.

We talked about our happy time we have ever spent together, from the first time we met each other in library and to the last we will say hello to each other, these happy time I get never forgot. We studied together, we cooked together, we played together, even we take part in activities together.

Sometimes Timm can use easy Chinese words to talk with me while I use the English more often, he is very brave to express the real feeling and his great progress in Chinese made me feel I am a good teacher to teach Chinese. I also made obvious progress that I can use some words talk with others, not only the achievement I get in the studying, but also the change in character, I become more outgoing and confident, I don’t afraid to speak in the public and I also learned some communication art from Timm.

After long walking, we found a long bench to have a rest, we began to talk about our future plan when we back to school, first thing is back home, we missed our hometown very much, that’s definitely we should do this, and then we began to our study in our school. Finally Timm gave me a Finland flag to write something I want to say him, it’s memorable to record unforgettable time.

Finally, thank you Timm, let me learn a lot thing and have an unforgettable time in Finland.

Thank you!

Walking around lake and Play game

This was our next-to-last meeting we spent together so we want to find a peaceful place to communicate by heart. We decided to go to the Naistenlahti lake to go for a walk near the Lapinkaari. Unfortunately, because we don’t said the specific location, we missed each other for long time until I found Timm.

We walked along the lake lanes, sawing the blue sky, breathing the fresh air without thinking anything in the world. It’s very comfortable and relaxed. I valued highly this spare and meaningful time. We talked about our future plan after we came back our home university. We also want to continue our school work and apply for higher education. Then we went to the lapinkaari common kitchen to have a tea meeting. I provided lots of kind of tea that Timm can choose anyone he want to drink.

At the same time. We taught each other some basic words in different language about the tea. It’s very interesting and funny for the twist pronunciation. But we tried several times, after, I do it. Then we began to play the poker game. We taught each other one native playing method. It’s challengeable for me to study German poker game. I think this is also a good way to learn culture and language by this game. We also got something we want to learn from other, no matter what the intelligence encourage or human.

Thank you Timm. I will remember today forever.

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German and Chinese 10 (29/4/2017)

Today we took our last course, and I will be back to China soon. I was a little bit late, because the No.2 bus changed its way suddenly. The weather wasn’t good enough, so we met before Pella’s café. I heard it was noisy in the center square, Maxi told me they were celebrating the winning of ice hockey. Then, we decided to have a look. It seemed that they were interviewing the players, lots of excited people there. Although we didn’t understand the language, we could strongly fell the atmosphere.


At last, we back to Pella’s café. I thought that might be my last time in café of Finland. So unlike normal, I decided to try the cappuccino, which had a nice heart in it. We talked about the life after we back to home countries. It was so nice to hear that Maxi could work after graduation. Because it might have great pleasure to do job that he likes. I hope that he could have a good memory in his internship period and find a good job later. In that case, I gave Maxi a Chinese knot, which bring my best wishes to him. Also, we exchanged our e-mail to each other.

IMG_20170429_211950        IMG_20170429_215605

All in all, I felt so lucky to choose this course and have such a friend there. Although the weather was cold, friendship would be warm forever.

Delicious German food

This moment is coming. Today, Timm and Maxi provided the German food for us to taste. I heard about the German food are famous for the sausage and beer and I have told Timm if we have the choice. I want to taste these foods. I am happy that Timm and Maxi cooked these traditional foods by themselves. Potato salad, fried sausage and beer. As for potato, in China we usually prefer to fry the potato with other ingredients rather than boil the potato to make the salad a little expectation, were a little fear. When I saw the sour cucumber, my heart was broken, I don’t like to eat it. However, because of cream and fresh vegetable, I accepted this dish, it’s unbelievable! And the sausage were my favorite food like Chinese sausage, smooth and little salty. The beer without alcohol was the first time I have ever seen. Then we discussed about the alcohol culture between China and German. In china, I think children are allowed to buy the alcohol as long as the permission of parents, in German it’s forbidden to buy the alcohol before 18 years old, when you want to buy the alcohol, you must show your ID card to the seller. These regulation are very strict for Germany children, but I also think it’s a good method protect the health of adolescent. Finally we continued to talk about other areas about the beer.

From this time, I comprehend more knowledge about Germany and my communication skills are proving little by little.


Cooking together in penja

We didn’t see each other for long time because I were busy reviewing my final exam, and Timm need to do another something. So today we met in the penja which are Timm’s flat. I am excited to go to the penja. It’s said the decoration in penja is glorious. It’s true, when I got into the door, I have the different feeling comparing the Lapinkaari. It’s cleaner and like a glorious palace golden wall, textile floors, everything presents a new appearance.

As planned, first we went to the market to buy the food ingredients we need to cook. Timm told me he will cook “pencake”, I am surprised what is pancake. I have never heard about it. Later I started to realize my stupid mistake. It’s pancake. What an awkward time. And I prepared the Chinese pie that are sweet. After we finished cooking, we began to eat it. In the process of cooking. I found there are similar steps to prepare, even we use the same ingredients hardly. We helped each other when we cooked, It’s very nice when you have cooperation with foreigner.

One of my goals is that I can cooperate with foreigner easily and lightly at the moment. I think I am pleased to achieve this goal. It’s only a trifle, but it’s enough for me, we tasted our cake  with abandon. We discussed about our interesting experience in Finland. We didn’t care about the culture different. I like this feeling that’s I am looking for.


A fierce table tennis match in gym

After several cloudy day, today is a sunshine day that’s very warm and suitable for outdoor activities. So Timm and I decided to go to the school gym to play sports compared with boring teaching directly. It’s sure to be an original approach to absorb the knowledge this was the first time I went to the school gym. It’s said there are abundant sports facilities.

After discussion, we would like to try to play the table tennis. It’s generally believed that Chinese are good at playing it. However, I am an exception. I just know how to play it and not proficient in it. To my surprise, Timm also know how to play even though a little unfamiliar it. Then I taught Timm how to beat the ball in strong way. I have learnt lots of professional knowledge about tennis table in my P.E. class. I guess I must be a qualified teacher. After simple training, we want to use a game check our skill, we had a fierce table tennis competition, finally I won the game, to my surprise Timm made obvious progress by promoting his skills, his hardworking and indomitable spirit made me realize the famous Germany nationality again. By contrast, I always escape the trouble and challenge rather than face bravely. In this point, I should learn it from Timm.

After that, we went to the second-hand shop to learn some Germany words. It’s very interesting, we think about studying in this way, a little strange and embarrassed but I am excited about this. Because I would help my friends to send him to the hospital, we ended our meeting ahead of time.