maps and shopping/meeting 6

So, for our sixth meeting we decided to go to Idea Park to walk around shops and talk about shopping and dining out. Even the car ride there was really fun because I got to see all the sights around Tampere, like moose fences, graffiti walls beneath bridges, Finland’s biggest cleaning supply factory and Real Park with its diggers and stuff 😉

Once we were inside Idea Park, we found a huge global map, a map of Finland and every nation’s flags in the center of the building. Naturally, we spent some time talking about traveling, where we want to go in the future and about shape, size and distances of/within Finland. I already knew that there are many lakes here but actually standing on a hug Finnish map, it was awesome to see that there are lakes literally everywhere. I even know now where Joulupukki is originally from.


After we strengthened ourselves with coffee, sandwiches and ice cream (and crazy talk), we decided to walk around Prisma and I finally learned how whipped cream looks like – weirdly enough, dairy products seem to be the most difficult food sector for me to understand. I also learned about Mämmi and which kind I am supposed to buy for Easter, which is important because Easter is right around the corner.

On our way out, we saw a marimekko store (=well known Finnish designer) and lucky us, there were some small items on sale. Veera told me how important it is so own at least one piece, so we just had to go in and reward ourselves for… I don’t know, sometimes you just need to reward yourself. Period.

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