Museum Center Vapriikki

Our last visit was18279936_10211262415534173_2065586189_n in museum Vapriikki. We were there all together, and actually my boyfriend also joined with us. Museum center Vapriikki was a great experience! All their exhibitions are accessible with only a single ticket. Vapriikki is located on the banks of the Tammerkoski rapids.

At first we visited The Forbidden City, which is from China. Actually Sophie have really been in a real Forbidden city in China! It was very interesting to hear more about that from her. Then we visited in Postal Museum: Messengers, and there were also Treasures from Queen Elizabeth II’s stamp collection. One of the interesting exhibitions were Pajari’s men -Soldiers from Northern Häme in the Winter and Continuation Wars. It was really nice to have Mikko (my boyfriend) with us, because I felt like I also learned so much from about finnish was history too.


This year is Finland’s 100s birthday, so I think that this was really nice to remember the war that led us to be great independent country. Maybe the most popular exhibition was The Finnish Museum of Games. We got to know finnish games more, and even tried some of those. Goodwill got really excited about the old Nokia phone hahah!


There were also The Finnish Hockey Hall of Fame’s 18254544_10211262416694202_846823244_nminiature exhibitions, The Doll Museum Jubilee Exhibion and The Natural History Museum. At least those are the ones that we had time to experience. We spent there almost three hours and time just flew! We had so much fun together, and I can warmly recommend this Museum center Vapriikki. It offers things to see and do for every ages.18253933_10211262424214390_1044473297_n

I noticed that my english has got even better and better! I spent last week from monday to friday in Russia, and when we met on saturday it was even easier to continue communicating in english. During this course I have really got into a international working and studying.


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