#5 ~ Coffee and tea time at Torni

We went to Torni tower to chill out, catch up and drink some coffee and tea. We discussed  the Finnish and French school system. Morgane also had just a Finnish exam, which she aced, yay!!

We discussed our scSnapchat-1247600761hool life and what kind of subjects we had, and what the exams are like. In Finland’s upper secondary school we had ylioppilaskirjoitukset, which is basically “finals”, 1 exam can last up to 6 hours (min. 3h), and you have at least 4 subject tests. If you fail one, you have to retake the test next time (autumn or spring).

The French “A-levels” or finals are a fail or pass-type thing, you have to get points over the average of at least 10/20 to pass. If you fail your exam, you have to retake a year in school completely.

Torni top cafe is a beautiful place and it offers a great view!

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