EOTO Spring party

For my 8th meeting, we decide with Nuppu and Goodwill to go to Each one teach one spring party together.

First, we sat on the grass to d18362233_1957102141185533_759590335_oo an appertizer  and speack together. Then, we form the teams . We do 2 funny games one with a spoon in the mouth with a egg on the spoon and the goal was to don’t fall the egg and be faster that we can. The second game was very funny we had a tights around  the size with tennis balls insight and the goal was to fall bottle on the ground. After that we played a traditional Finnish game Mölkky. It’s was the first time that i played that in Finland, i enjoy really much this game. A Finish guy tell me that sometimes Finish people play this game during a cottage week-end. In France (mainly on the south) “la pétanque” is a traditional games.

After that I speak with Nuppu about cottage, she tell me that in Finland cottage are more for the summer and each familly have their own cottage. In France, there are more “chalet” for the winter time when people go skiing, and not all the family in France have their own cottage. Nuppu asked Goodwill about cottage in England and he laught “noo we have not cottages”.  Nuppu tell me to try Finnish chocolat “Fazer”.

After that we begin to play another funny game that we invent during the apperizer. I said some Finnish sounds randomly to try to form a sentence and sometimes it’s work and the sound together means sometimes something in Finnish  very funny. Nuppu do the same with sounds that seems French.

Its was a nice moment that I share with other students of each one teach one and Nuppu and Goodwill.



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