1st of May

Hyvää vappua! Yep, we Finns actually say happy May Day to each other: to people we know as well as complete strangers. There is something about vappu that makes us Finns go crazy and act all social. That something might be alcohol or the warming spring weather.

I met Michelle and some of her friends by the Tammerkoski and we spent there a couple of hours watching Technical University freshmen dipping into the cold rapid. There was a host interviewing the freshmen about how they felt before getting into the water and how the water was. Some freshmen even bursted into signing their guild songs.

I had brought with me some home-made sima. Sima is a non-alcoholic, brewed drink made of sugar, lemon and water. Sadly, it was not loved by the audience for they said it was too sweet. Well, more for me 😉    

Auf Wiederhören!


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