Vapriikki Museum

It was a fresh, nearly cold Friday afternoon when I met the lovely Michelle in front of Vapriikki museum. Vaprikki is situated beside the Tammerkoski rapids, across the water from Finlayson. It is a museum centre which hosts many different exhibitions. We had time only to admire a few so we chose to visit the Natural History Museum and The Finnish Museum of Games.

In the Natural History Museum, there are Finnish plants, animals and fishes displayed. As we moved along, I told Michelle some things I knew about Finnish nature. We took a closer look at Finnish berries and concluded that we Finns love our berries: lingonberry for black sausage, cloudberry for squeaky cheese, other berries just as they are.

In the Museum of Games the best thing is, without a doubt, NES console and Super Mario Bros. It brings me back to my childhood when everything was carefree. After the exhibitions closed for the day, we enjoyed Karelian pies and coffee at the cafeteria downstairs.

Bis bald!


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