Fifth Meeting – Traveling Korea

Traveling Korea
time & place :
19th Febrary, 14:00 – 19:00 Fazer cafe

After lunch, we also had a long day. This was Daye’s day as she prepared presentations about regions in Korea 🙂 Presentations were nice as she put a lot of effort in it! Let’s see what we learned this time.

Traveling Korea
2.19 fazer
She introduced big cities in Korea, of course, the start was ‘Seoul’ which is our capital city. Just after seeing the pictures of Seoul, Soo and I said ” I miss those streets!” simultaenously, as we lived in Seoul. The global famous city, ‘Gangnam’ (Gangam Style), is full of entertainments, we missed those. Then, she introduced many places for visits, and I realized that I have been almost of them! It was nice to know that, and I could assist Daye to explain about them. However, I never visited ‘Daejeon’, which is quite… quiet city. It became  one of provinces as it’s the key spot of transportation. Almost every train and expressway passes through this city. But… It’s not fancy, so there are many people who wonders why it became a province! Anyway, he was also a great student this day:)

2.19 fazer1
During the lecture, I don’t remember the reason, but suddenly we were talking about poketmongo. He was an expert of poketmongo, so he explained many things like GPS controlling..haha Daye’s class took very long time, that she even couldn’t finish her lecture as the laptop battery went down. Thus, she sent us her presentation. Thanks Daye 🙂 because of you, I could recall a lot about my country, and also knew many new things!

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