Ninth Meeting – Korean Entertainments

Korean Entertainments
time & place :
12th May, 12:00-16:00, y-campus in TAMK

We again met after a month, however, I didn’t feel any ackward. I think we built our relationship quite well 🙂 However, sadly Soo is leaving on May 17th.. It was really sad that this was the last lecture we had. We met only one more time just before her leaving, on May 16th. Anyway, I should recall this day’s meeting 🙂 Before starting, we celebrated simply about both of elections in Korea and France. We both have fine presidents now! This day was finally, my day! I prepared presentations about Korean Enetertainments, which are very special and distinct from other cultures!

Korean Play Culture
In Korea, we have a lot of room cultures. It sounds weird, but most of them are wholesome! that even teenagers can go there! Of course,, some of them are not.. anyway, typically, we have pc rooms and singer rooms. PC rooms which have hundereds of supercomputers, are very famous in Korea. They cost less than 1 euro per hour, and they offer a lot of benefits for playing. For example, we can play all champions in PC rooms, which we have to buy normally. And singer rooms are similar to karaoke in the meaning, but they are really different. We also sing in the singer rooms, but they are small and individual rooms so close friends can have their own singing time instead of singing in front of strangers. Those two are typical, and I also introduced many rooms and cafes, and our big holidays. He was super interested in , especially many rooms. And Daye, Soo helped my pitching a lot, thanks  🙂 Before leaving, we arranged our final meeting on May 16th after my work. I already felt sad at that time. Then, we also talked about the blog, as we didn’t write anything. We misunderstood that we should write it together, however, it was wrong. That’s why we post everything now 🙂 But, we wrote in word processor steadily, so don’t misunderstand us!

Korean Culture

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