4th Meeting : New Partner New Adventure

New Partner, New adventure

Mr Henri accept that my Finnish best friend can be my new partner, after spending almost 2 and half months in Tampere, and while having the basics of Finnish course, i really love the Finnish language and i have many Finnish friends, so i decided to improve my Finnish skills and to be able at the end of my erasmus at least to manage small conversations

Milja is a Finnish girl from Joensuu , she study in UTA,  Peace and Conflict Research
i met Milja in Bordeaux ( France ) a year ago when she was an Erasmus student, and she is one of the reasons why i choose to come to Tampere as an exchange student.

Milja is interested in French language , her level is advanced intermediate, and she aim to improve her french skills because she is applying for an internship in a Francophone country.


Yesterday, we had our first Each One Teach One meeting.
At first, we had a quick student lunch at UTA Canteen,  Afterwards, we went to my place where i introduced Milja to my housemates. Then, we went on to finding a quiet space to talk about how will organise ourselves for EOTO As Milja aims to improve her French skills, we started to work on her pronunciation with the help of one of my French Housemate. he also gave her a French book that she will read and will be the topic of our next meeting.

I was positively surprised by her advanced language level. In our previous meetings in Bordeaux, Milja kept emphasizing that her French is nowhere near perfect; yet she was able to understand yesterday’s  fast conversations (including stylistics means such as metaphors) without major difficulties . Maybe i will keep inviting french friends to our meeting as it was a good tool to practice the pronunciation and vocabulary.

after that Milja helped me with my Finnish homework for school and we practiced lot of pronunciation exercises, and also i taught some Food vocabulary which is one of my big needs when i go to the grocery shop

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