EoTo party

Today we had a really good time at the EoTo party with funny games and activities. And the best was that our team actually won. After the games we sat together with some snacks. It was cool to meet the other groups and exchanged our experience with EoTo. We talked a lot and it was fun to hear what the others did and learned. Besides we didn’t forget our learning lesson. We talked about what we are doing in our free time outside. Mostly in Germany you meet with your friends in a park and chill out or play soccer. In Mexico, it is almost the same in their free time they meet at the beach and enjoy the sun.

We learned today the following vocabulary:

Soccer             à        Fútbol

Games           à      Juegos

Blanket            à        Cobija

Sports              à        Deportes

Picnic               à        Picnic

Sunglasses      à        Gafas de sol

Clouds              à        Nubes

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