Sunny Sunday afternoon in Pyynikki

This time I took Yu to Pyynikki conservation area. This place is one of my favourite spots in Tampere because of its beautiful nature and spectacular views. Yu hasn’t been there before so I had to show that place to him. First we took a walk in the forest and then sat down in the view point where you can see Pyhäjärvi and the old factory buildings. I had made presentation about mythical ancient creatures of Finland. What would be better place to talk about those creatures and spirits than forest?

In Finish folklore appears a lot of different kind of gods, spirits, mythical creatures, fairies etc. There are stories of elves and fairies who lived in houses with people and protected them. Some people lived with an evil fairy called para. It took a form of a cat, a bird or a frog and stole things from others. It was common belief that para lived with witches and a witch itself was also a part of para. I told stories about goblins, how they stole a human child and traded it with own child. And of course, I told a story how giants made the islands. A story says that giants were enemies of humans and gods. When people started to build churches, giants run away deeper and deeper in to the woods and then started to throw huge rocks to break the churches. Some of those rocks fell in to lakes and that is how the islands were born. Today we have more reasonable explanation for that…

After couple of hours walking and talking we ended our tour to observation tower of Pyynikki and ate ice cream. This 7th meeting was nice and casual, just like Sunday afternoon is supposed to be.

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