10th : Hyvaa Vappua

It was the first warm  day I got to experience in Finland – Today is very sunny and hot -perfect conditions to enjoy Vappu outside. . First of all, I shared stories about my experience about Vappu. We went out to watch the ceremony of wearing white hat. After they had worn them , they shake the champagne and opened together so my clothes are covered with the drink. It is really funny.

We started the day of by watching the TUT freshmen being dipped into the water at Koskipuisto . Milja even brought some home-made Sima to provide us with the full May Day experience. However, I have to admit that the drink was certainly too sweet for my personal taste.


That day I experienced Finns in a way I never did before: very talkative and sociable. Not sure whether it was caused by the great weather or the amount of alcohol consumed that day but On the Vappu day you can see a lot and so we learn everything around us. From the area, the people and the food. We had a good time and spend the whole day together. I like to combine learning with to have fun.


After Wappufest, we went to terrace and talked for a while before Milja went to homeparty. She was planning her trip to Berlin.
During this conversation, Milja taught me the Finnish name of different countries, person of the country, language and capital. It is very important to know this and this reminds me of Finnish language learning class. The countries in Finnish and the change form between country and person of the country can be learned fast because it has fixed form of it. After learning some words, Milja  let me to think some countries in French and then she wrote down the Finnish words. And also she made some exercise for me which is good for remember.

And for my part, I find something interesting about Moroccan culture, I showed some histories about it and some famous persons. We discussed about the movie ” Casablanca” . It is a movie adapted from a love story and very famous. It is a little hard because I need to know the English name first but I feel very happy to teach such kind of knowledge and let other people know more about Moroccan and specially Milja because she is going on an internship in the Finnish Embassy in Morocco.

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